Four Reasons Why Community College is Underrated

Four Reasons Why Community College is Underrated

If you are planning to pursue higher education, community college may be the best option, especially for new students.

(A word of warning ‐‐ community college is not the same thing as for-profit colleges, which are widely considered to be a scam. For a list of accredited community colleges in the state of Florida, visit the State of Florida Community College Apex here.)

If you are considering community college but remain unconvinced, these four benefits of community college may help you make up your mind:

  • 1. Cost. Annually, community college students can expect to pay roughly $3200 per year on tuition and student fees. (A cost that can oftentimes be completely covered by FAFSA grants and other accessible scholarships, especially for low-income students.) Meanwhile, students of in-state public four year universities can expect to pay over $9000, while students of private universities pay nearly $25,000 on average!

  • 2. Transfer agreements. Want to take advantage of the savings offered by community college while still earning a four year degree (and all the career opportunities associated with four year degrees?) Accredited community colleges generally have transfer agreements with other universities in the state, which means you can easily knock out the first two years of classes at a community college before completing the last two years of your bachelor's degree at a four year university.

  • 3. Online options. Community colleges are oftentimes on the cutting edge of higher education's move to the online world. This offers tremendous flexibility for people who are balancing education with other responsibilities.

  • 4. Professional Certificates. If you are considering studying a trade rather than earning a traditional four year degree, community colleges are usually the fastest and most cost‐effective option available.

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