5 Careers That Will Survive Automation

5 Careers That Will Survive Automation

The world is rapidly changing ‐‐ which is why considering the impact of tech on your future is a wise move. About to begin a post‐secondary course of studies? The following five career paths are all poised to survive and thrive in an automated economy ‐‐ and you can get certified for some of these jobs in less time than it would take to complete a traditional four year degree!

  • 1. Chef. If you have ever taken a cooking class ‐‐ or even watched a cooking video on YouTube, then one tip you have certainly heard is to "taste the food frequently." Good chefs apply a creative and adaptive approach to cooking in which they are constantly evaluating their dishes and improving upon them. And taste is simply far too objective a thing for any machine to emulate. Most culinary degrees take two years to complete, and once finished you can expect to make over 20 dollars an hour in most decent restaurants.

  • 2. Marketing. Some components of marketing are undoubtedly algorithmically driven ‐‐ and such strategies lend themselves to automation. Regardless, a fundamental and dynamic understanding of pop culture, emotional psychology, and advertising trends is also required in order to lead such campaigns. And this is undeniably a job for a human!

  • 3. Healthcare. The human body is incredibly complex ‐‐ and, moreover, "people skills" are also extremely important in the healthcare industry, as doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. depend upon patient cooperation and compliance. Both of these factors ensure that healthcare will be a human-led industry for decades, if not centuries, to come. Lab technicians can sometimes get certified in under two years, whereas doctors must obtain a bachelor's, earn a medical degree, and complete a residency. (A process which takes a dozen years minimum!)

  • 4. Education. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, as Albert Einstein famously said. And because our minds are so complex, delicate, and socially-driven, you can bet your bottom dollar that teachers and other education workers will always be needed.

  • 5. Mechanical engineering and/or cyber security. The concept almost sounds silly, but it is true ‐‐ in a world driven by robots, the people who design robots will never be out of work!

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