Planning Your Academic Career

Planning Your Academic Career

Setting yourself up for personal and professional success.

In a recent Madison and Monroe blog article, we discussed the financial benefits of pursuing trade school. Because there is a real shortage of young people interested in those types of careers, such a course of study can be tremendously beneficial for anyone who prioritizes financial stability.

All that being said, we also understand that millions of students across the country remain determined to follow a more traditional academic path. So, whether you are a graduating high schooler looking to optimize your potential while minimizing your student debt ‐‐ or a grown adult looking for a realistic path toward a four-year degree ‐‐ this guide to planning your academic career should come in handy.

Choosing the Right School
•  Check on-time graduation rates.
•  Find the cost of tuition per year and per-credit.
•  Research both on‐campus living expenses and the general cost of living in the area.
•  Take into account how proximity from your home/family will affect you personally and financially.
•  Look into school rankings on a site such as US News and World Report, but remember that other factors, such as the quality of your particular department of studies within your school, in addition to your own academic performance, are oftentimes more important than the overall ranking of your college or university.

Selecting the Right Major
•  Consider your ideal career path, and research which majors will help get you there.
•  Consider what subjects you have excelled in before, and which have challenged you.
•  Check major-specific scholarships within your schools of choice.

Planning Your Future
•  Are you planning on completing post-graduate studies? Pick a school that
•  Research job placement rates at your university, if these statistics are available.
•  If possible, you should consider a work and study program, grants, and scholarship options in order to keep your student debt to a minimum.

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