Escape the Cycle of Payday loans

Escape the Cycle of Payday loans

Each and every year, more than 12 million Americans borrow money from payday lenders. Sadly, the majority of people who resort to these types of loans are already in financial trouble of some sort--causing a disturbingly large portion of these borrowers to end up in a downward of spiral after being unable to make the payment on these loans. With annual interest rates of oftentimes averaging more than 400%, it’s easy to see how these debts can destroy lives and create seemingly inescapable financial sinkholes.

All that being said, and in spite of the clear danger that these types of loans pose, it’s not difficult to see why they’re tempting, either. Most payday loan borrowers are completely unable to afford other forms of credit due to previous financial hardships--and these loans are typically used to make necessary payments such as rent, groceries, or bills. Unfortunately, taking out debt to pay debt is not a sustainable strategy.

Madison Monroe and Associates is not a debt consolidation service that charges top dollar just to reduce your ARP by a marginal amount and arrange one monthly payment. Though such services may be helpful to some, they are not enough to facilitate escape from most payday loan debts. What you need is an aggressive strategy aimed at dramatically decreasing the amount that you owe. This is what we can offer here at Madison and Monroe.

So if you’ve fallen victim to the vicious cycle of payday loans, you may be feeling frustrated or even hopeless. Relax. There are solutions out there--and, with wise financial management and a strong partner such as Madison Monroe and Associates, it is possible to regain control over your life.

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