Getting Out of Debt

How to Handle Phone Calls from Debt Collectors

Receiving unsolicited phone calls from debt collectors can be intimidating--but it’s not the end of the world. If you are being contacted by debt collectors, then we highly recommend following these simple tips in order to keep yourself in the best possible position both financially and legally.

  • Don’t make promises. Debt collectors are calling you to pressure you: any agreement that you make should be made after careful consideration, and after taking the time to consult with your lawyer and with other people you trust. Never make a spur of the moment promise, as this can complicate your situation.
  • Avoid “good faith” payments. One of the oldest tricks in the debt collector book is guilting debtors into making small “good faith” payments. This extends the statute of limitations for your debt, thus robbing you of one of your biggest bargaining chips!
  • Don’t hide. It can be tempting to simply ignore calls from debtors, but this is a big mistake: it can lead them to call your employer or your relatives. (More about this later!)
  • Keep a call log. Note the time of each call you receive, as well as the exact nature of the debt you are being contacted about.
  • Don’t get angry. If your case goes to court, transcripts may come to light, and any outburst on your part will only make you look bad and hurt your case.
  • Tell your collector if you believe that the debt is not valid. If you do, they are legally obligated to prove the debt’s validity before contacting you again. If you are right, the odds are good that they will simply give up and focus on more productive cases.
  • Tell the collector not to contact 3rd parties. They are obligated to listen to you, and this can save you a great deal of personal and/or professional embarrassment. If you’d like, you can even request that you not be contacted anymore--although this may make it more difficult to keep track of your debt.

If debt has taken over your life, you don’t need to suffer. Contact Madison Monroe and Associates today to retake control. We’re here to tell you that hope is not lost.

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