4 Tips for Your Next Job Hunt

4 Tips for Your Next Job Hunt

The importance of holding down a job goes beyond the mere value of a paycheck. From securing credit, to improving your resume, and even improving self‐esteem ‐‐ gainful employment is simply a win‐win.

Unfortunately, in today's economy, getting a call back after that first interview can be quite the challenge. The following four job hunting tips will not guarantee success ‐‐ but they can improve your odds.

  • 1. Get a Makeover. For better or for worse, most employers ignore the old maxim about not judging books by their covers. A polished, professional experience will almost certainly help you stand out from the competition ‐‐ so investing in your wardrobe or spoiling yourself with a nice haircut may be good ideas. (It does bear pointing out, however, that looking like a million bucks doesn't need to cost a million dollars. Here are a few quick tips for achieving a professional appearance on a budget!)
  • 2. Give Your Resume a Makeover, Too. No, we aren’t even necessarily talking about improving the contents of your resume. (That's a different topic which deserves its own blog post, to be honest!) Without making any drastic changes, simply changing the layout of your resume to a more readable and aesthetically pleasing format can help improve your odds of being selected for that next job!
  • 3. Understand Your Own Needs. Many potential employees waste their own time by applying to jobs that are too far away from their homes that require hours they cannot handle, or that demand a skill set that they do not have. You are not doing yourself any favors by applying to jobs that you will not actually end up working ‐‐ in fact, you are draining your time, money, and energy. Vet job offers before pursuing them and your job search will be quicker and more enjoyable!
  • 4. Improve your Credit. It is a bit of a Catch 22 ‐‐ many people seek work to pay down their debts; yet certain jobs might check your credit and base their hiring decisions upon the financial situation that you are working so hard to improve! If you feel trapped, either personally or professionally, by your economic situation, then we encourage you to research debt reduction through Madison Monroe and Associates. You have nothing to lose and your own financial independence to gain!

For more information on getting out of debt, building a savings fund, and other important financial topics, visit Madison Monroe and Associates online today!

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