Owe the IRS money?

Do You Owe Money to the IRS?

Owing money to the IRS can be scary--after all, unlike other lenders, the IRS has a great deal of authority when it comes to prosecuting, garnishing, and even jailing those who do not make an effort to pay their debt. However, it is worth point out that the key phrase in that sentence is “who do NOT make an effort.” Contrary to popular perception, the IRS is far more forgiving than one might imagine. In fact, their approach is not all that different from “regular” creditors: they are interested in getting paid whatever amount they can be paid, at whatever pace may be possible. The IRS will work with you and compromise with you in able to reach an agreement that works for you. The only thing you really have to fear is inaction.

If your current situation makes full repayment difficult or impossible for you, therefore, you need to get in touch with the IRS and work out a deal. Showing that you are serious about making a repayment and that you are willing to do what is necessary in order to achieve this goal can get you a long way in terms of reducing your payments, your interest, and your overall amount owed. This is why partnering with a debt settlement firm may be a wise move at this juncture.

Debt settlement firms specialize in reducing the financial burden on debtors by negotiating with creditors. Working with a respected organization can show that you are serious about lowering your debt and making repayments, and can give you more bargaining power as you work to lower payments and get your financial life back on track. To learn more about debt settlement, visit Madison Monroe and Associates online today--you’ll be glad you did!

At Madison Monroe and Associates, we have helped countless people reduce their debt by 40 to 60%--and we can do the same for you.

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