4 Tips for Getting That Next Big Promotion

4 Tips for Getting That Next Big Promotion

Who wouldn't love to get a promotion? More fulfilling work, more respect, and a larger paycheck are just a few of the biggest benefits of getting a better job. Unfortunately, achieving the goal is oftentimes easier dreamed than done. That's why we've put together a quick list of tips that you can use to improve your odds of getting that big promotion.

  • 1. Work Hard. Anyone who has ever experienced workplace politics first hand knows that hard work alone isn't always enough to get a promotion. However, it is certainly an important foundation for advancing your career. The time between clocking in and clocking out is going to be spent at your workplace anyone, so why not give it your all?

  • 2. Make Friends. Use your time at work as an opportunity to form and develop professional relationships. Interpersonal skills are highly valued by employers, and if you show that you can get along with superiors and co‐workers alike, your odds of getting promoted will be higher. Check the job description of any high‐level position, and "ability to work in teams" will almost always be a requirement. Moreover, you never know who might eventually be in the position to decide who gets the next promotion!

  • 3. Think Strategically. All the hard work and cooperation in the world don't mean much if your people in charge of promoting you are not aware of your contributions. There's no need to show off, but make sure that your superiors see your hard work and recognize your talent!

  • 4. Check Job Listings. Not every promotion needs to be internal. Because your boss is already used to paying you your current salary, your best chance of getting a higher wage could be with your bosses' competitor. Staying discretely active on the job market is a good way of understanding your worth and finding ample opportunity to make what you deserve. If you do happen to get an excellent offer, you could always discuss this with your boss and ask for a raise, having significantly more leverage in the situation.

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