Realistic Ways of Making Money on the Side

Realistic Ways of Making Money on the Side

Improve your financial situation with these tried-and-true ideas.

If your day job isn’t generating all the income you need to pay the bills, reduce debt, and plan for the future, then you may be looking for ways to earn money on the side. The web ‐‐ along with a host of mobile apps ‐‐ has made finding such opportunities easier than ever before. However, it has also helped scams and general wastes-of-time more prominent as well.
Below, we have compiled a quick list of side-gigs that genuinely can be worth the effort, as long as you are careful to evaluate the pros and cons as they relate to your particular situation:

•  Drive Uber. The high pay rates advertised by this popular app are a bit deceptive, as you must take into account the cost of gas along with the long-term effects of wear and tear on your vehicle. All things considered, however, the flexible schedules and quick earning potential offered by Uber and similar transport services make them a good option for anyone looking to supplement their primary income.
•  Sell unwanted items.  We have all made a regrettable purchase or two in our lives. So if you have any relatively expensive items lying unused around your home or garage, why not free up some space and make some cash on the side? Sites such as Craigslist have made this easier than ever before, so you have no excuse!
•  Get a part time job online. From highly skilled coding and tutoring positions to basic data entry and everything in-between ‐‐ the online workforce is growing every year, and many of these jobs are part time and highly-flexible. Writing, research, graphic design, and virtual secretaries are just a few more common examples of online work that you may be able to find through sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc.
•  Become a Medical Transcriber Medical Transcriptionist take audio recordings made by doctors and other health care professionals and transcribe them into readable reports. The pay averages $17.86 per hour for transcribers at medical and diagnostic laboratories, and you may be able to wedge in the work during evenings and weekends.
•  Customer Service Representative Maybe you enjoy chatting with people on the phone or you consider yourself an excellent problem solver. Either way, a customer service job might be just the thing.Typical wages are around $17 per hour, and the number of jobs in the field is expected to grow 10 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Because peak times in customer service tend to be early mornings, evenings and weekends, the jobs are great for grabbing hours here and there alongside your regular gig. They also offer a good way to get your foot in the door at a company where you might find chances for advancement.
•  Virtual Assistant Organized, detail‐oriented people with strong computer and communication skills are often great candidates for virtual assistant positions. Over the course of this work, you may be called upon to make hotel reservations, set up appointments and meetings, type letters and buy supplies. While a typical administrative assistant may perform these same tasks from an office setting, a virtual assistant can work on projects from home. Outside of normal business hours, virtual assistants can do work that isn’t time-sensitive, including internet research, data entry, accounting and invoicing.Many employers don’t require any special training beyond a high school diploma, but if you’re working virtually, you’ll have to be proficient with a computer.

Do you have any personal successes or frustrations working side gigs? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below!

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